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New Release! Artist: Gary Paul, Album: American Road

Hot off the Presses:

The New Mexico Music Awards announced its nominees for the 2018 awards earlier this week.   We are pleased to announce that the song, "Witness" from the newly-released CD, "American Road" has been nominated in the Religious/Gospel catgory.   This makes for a ninth nomination or, if it wins, a third win.  We won't know until May 20th, but our fingers and toes are crossed.

This year has started with considerable excitement; perhaps a bit too much, as the stress of making the release happen doubled up with other issues to lead me to quite a bout of illness. Though I am over pneumonia, the allergy season has made recovery a slow one.   Still, I've begun performing again, keeping my schedule light so as to not overdo it.   I hope to see y'all soon out there on the road.

Again, I thank all of you, my dear friends and fans, for making this all possible.

Folks often ask, "What kinda music do you play?"   My latest response is:

"Harry Chapin, Bruce Cockburn, Dan Fogelberg & Burle Ives step into a transporter out on the Blues Highway- I step out on the other end."

Here's what others have to say:

  • Elliot Glick of City Island's Starving Artist: "This guy is what coffeehouses were made for. He sang his original songs that were witty and charming, funny and poignant. The songs were musically diverse and tasty, and played with the skill of a fine musical craftsman."

  • Lazlo, "Gary Paul Hermus is a storyteller, the truest definition of a folk singer."

  • My friends at The Folk Project: ". . . intricate finger style guitar work & intelligently crafted lyrics."

  • Barbara Russo of the Staten Island Source: ". . .down-to-earth personality & relaxed attitude. He's definitely not a high-maintenance guy."

  • But my heart holds a special place for the insight of my friend Rooster Rick of the Homegrown String Band, who sees the simple heart of truth veiled needless complexity. He said:

    "I'd say you're a 'songster. ' That's what Mississippi John Hurt called himself, not a bluesman but a songster."

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