January 2012: Back From Far Worlds

It was a hard 2012.  We lost three of our family and had spent much of the year traveling for less than pleasant reasons.  So to decompress, I lost a number of weeks on one of my pet vices; sci-fi/fantasy novels.

Yes, I admit it; I’m a sci-fi/fantasy  junkie.When I was younger, trilogies like Tolkin’s “Lord of the Rings” and Stephen R. Donaldson’s “Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever” could mean whole weekends without sleep; just eating munchies and doing everything one-handed while reading the book held in the other.  I’d often share books with my brother, Lance, who would then call me at the end of a long weekend doing the same thing.  We’d then spend hours excitedly recounting our favorite parts, the surprising plot twists, etc, fairly dancing in place with animated joy.

At one point, I got lost in C. J. Cherryh’s Chanur Trilogy, an exciting space opera featuring a protagonist and her associates that were a race of leonine space farers. I revisited that trilogy  and its sequel in the fall.  In early December, I discovered Cherryh’s first Foreigner Trilogy.  I lost the better part of a week drinking them up.  It’s surprising after spending most of my reading time slogging through high-density nonfiction books of computer stuff, math texts, social science and administrative theory and case study, where it seemed to take forever to read a few pages, how intently I can plow through hundreds of pages of science fiction.

Having devoured the first trilogy, I trolled the web to purchase the second Foreigner trilogy, which I finished this weekend.  Barbara’s been a bit concerned, what with me sitting at the kitchen table until 3 or 5 in the morning with hardly a move other than occasional runs to the bathroom, the sink or the refrigerator.  What can I say; when I’m into a book, I’m lost in it.  It’s like seeing a fast-paced exciting movie and not even wanting to go to the bathroom, lest you miss something.

I promised Barbara I would take some time off and get back to real life again; exercise, music, etc.

However I’ve just ordered the third Foreigner trilogy.  I’ve got until the UPS truck pulls into the driveway to get some other things done.

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Having worn many hats in my life I bring a broad perspective to my writing. 2-time winner & 8-time nominee, New Mexico Music Awards. Winner, 2006 Xtreme Folk Scene's Song Contest. Degrees: B.A, Psychology; & MPA, Public Administration; MS, Computer Science. I'm a Santa Fean born poor, but surrounded by music, theater & poetry in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. Piano gave me a love for melody. My grandparent's farm showed me the beauty of bucolic settings & bluegrass music. But around Boy Scout council fires I grew to love storytelling; especially a good ghost story! :-).
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