The Port Edgerton Chronicles!

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Leaving your childhood home to build a new life is a rite of passage. But what happens when you have to go back?

Self-reliant artist Penelope “Nellie” Simpson, has made a place for herself in the New Mexico art scene, but when her father becomes ill she is forced to leave the life she’s built and return to her hometown of Port Edgerton, New York.

Penelope finds herself torn between her New Mexico life and the one she has found for herself back home when she falls in love with her high school friend, Peter Vandegelder. Things become further complicated when startling revelations of the town’s history begin unfolding around them. And, as if things weren’t tangled enough, a stranger shows up in town, whose dreams and aspirations may change the very nature of Port Edgerton.

If you’ve enjoyed The Port Edgerton Chronicles and you’d like to share it with your book club friends, I’d love to have a Zoom meeting with them, where I can do readings, discuss how the book came to be, and answer questions. Just drop me an email below!

About Gary Paul Hermus

Brooklyn-born author, essayist, actor, performing songwriter, and three-time New Mexico Music Award winner, Gary Paul Hermus has spent a lifetime telling stories. He currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he continues to write songs, stories and essays

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