New Roads to Travel

Some of you may have noticed that the “Notes From The Road” Section of my web site has been sporadic at best.  Started with the best of intentions, it was just too much to maintain and just plain lacked the ability to be in any way spontaneous, let alone interactive.

Well, we’ll leave those postings up for now; they are fun tales after all.  But we’re setting aside the old programming blunderbuss, pickin’ up a new six-shooter and strapping on some new leather (well after all, the West is now my home).  We’ll be saddling up and exploring some new roads.  Like any new-born colt, we’ll be a little unsteady on our feet for a while but, with your forbearance, we’ll be galloping down the trail in no time.  So board that stagecoach and lets see where this road leads us!

About Gary Paul

Having worn many hats in my life I bring a broad perspective to my writing. 2-time winner & 8-time nominee, New Mexico Music Awards. Winner, 2006 Xtreme Folk Scene's Song Contest. Degrees: B.A, Psychology; & MPA, Public Administration; MS, Computer Science. I'm a Santa Fean born poor, but surrounded by music, theater & poetry in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. Piano gave me a love for melody. My grandparent's farm showed me the beauty of bucolic settings & bluegrass music. But around Boy Scout council fires I grew to love storytelling; especially a good ghost story! :-).
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