Gary Paul, along the Turquoise TrailMusic & I have been lifelong traveling companions,  Sometimes, it’s been a gentle lover and a muse; other times more like a contentious sibling. It brings flashes of wonder and enlightenment, but also darkness and despair.  It is never as glamorous as imagined and usually more arduous than most people know.  Yet, when the the tumblers all fall into place, when the audience is with you and your hands and voice can do no wrong, the sheer joy of that electric moment is palpable and addictive.

In this area, I hope to share the larger perspective with you and to provide a place where we can talk like old friends roasting marshmallows around a fire pit as the evening chill sets in.  And though the talk might get a little high spirited, the respect friends have for each other is a given – as is their tolerance.  So Welcome.  Grab a stick and a marshmallow and set a spell.

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